Photographer David Knox is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. From the project ‘The Lost Prophets’.  To see David’s body of work, click on any photograph.


The Deception


The Pheasant






These photo collages, part of the series entitled The Lost Prophets, depict the peculiar lives of inhabiting an arcane netherworld set somewhere in an apocalyptic, 19th century American South. Created in the realm of historical fiction they portray forsaken prophets and their lost followers, adrift in the destruction of ruined cities, abandoned fields and remote backwoods. The cryptic stories of these collages are unriddled by their iconography – animals, nature, music, architectural elements, gravestones, instruments of war, symbols of religion – all providing clues through their meaning and placement to help in understanding this mystical world.

In creating these photomontages I digitally combine elements from historic images with selected pieces from my own photography. Each collage contains approximately one hundred layers which are sized, blended, and merged into a single, large scale image printed onto aluminum.

These photomontages, created from three centuries of photography, explore this mysterious region whose present is as peculiar and as haunted as its past.




The Coronation


The Harbor


The Ordination


The Rookery


All images and text © David Knox



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