Photographer Bastian Hertel is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘adrift chapter 3 – black’.  To see Bastian’s body of work, click on any image.


Chapter 3, Black 2


Chapter 3, Black 3


Chapter 3, Black 7


Chapter 3, Black 18


Since my photographic beginnings, I have always felt a deep satisfaction when I find a good composition and press the trigger, then take it home and edit it to a final image. This ultimately led to my project titled “adrift” because my search for the right place in life, the drifting, stops for a brief moment when I look at my photographs.


Chapter 3, Black 5


Chapter 3, Black 8


In this project, I use my pursuit of this satisfaction as a source of creativity. In Chapter 1, “place,” I examine how the city people seek their place in urban structures, in Chapter 2, “mind,” how they are being adrift in their thoughts, and Chapter 3, “black,” the latest part of the project, depicts how the inhabitants of the metropolises immerse themselves in the black of the city.


Chapter 3, Black 13


The 3rd chapter of my project adrift is about how the city coats us with blackness. How we dive into it and how it is part of the day to day life in the metropolises we live in. It depicts not necessarily the reality but more the way it feels to be part of it and how I see it. So it is the observer who decides what lies in the black.


Chapter 3, Black 4


Chapter 3, Black 11


All images and text © Bastian Hertel



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