Photographic Artist Louise Gan is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the book/project ‘Home Alone’To see Louise’s body of work, click on any image.


Meal Prep for the Week.
Ailie. 25. Control room operator. Single.


50s. Artist and student. “Waiting for my Knight.”


29. Location sound recordist. Happily in a relationship.


45. Anthropologist. “Single but I have a crush on someone.”


While it is natural to seek company as social beings, we humans are increasingly finding ourselves being alone in our modern society, either by choice or due to circumstances. When good company is not available and meaningful interaction is not possible, instead of blindly seeking company purely for the sake of it, we need to learn to be alone and not feel lonely, seeking meanings in ourselves and not through others solely. Ongoing photo documentary “Home Alone” has been capturing solo-dwellers at private and unconscious moments, displaying our vibrant yet hidden individuality, in order to recognise the value in The Self.


58. Tertiary educator. Currently single.


21. Student. Happily single.


40. Car dealer. “I’d sleep with everything I can find. Just joking.”


A Wee LIttle Dance.
Claire. 42. Curator and artist. Adjusting to being single.


64. Animal care volunteer. Happy to be single.


If you are a solo-dweller and are interested in participating in this project, Louise would love to hear from you.

All images and text © Louise Gan




Home Alone

Book By Louise Gan 



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Solo Dwellers





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