Life’s Inevitable Changes



Photographer Alexandros Vrettakos is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘Eternal Recurrence’To see Alexandros’ body of work, click on any image.




Dark Cities






Life on our planet, as it evolves, is characterized by cyclicality in the form of repetition of situations. Everything changes and who survives depends on its ability to adapt. We are all products of a mutual or one-sided love, a passion, a tradition, a fluke. We grow and spread our roots to the place where we are born. However, the violent side of human nature creates conflicts and traumas that force migration, flight and change of place. Uncontrolled situations arise. Panic and disorientation prevail in this violent adjustment effort.

Quick decisions, sometimes catastrophic and sometimes life-saving, determine the immediate future.

Traps set in big cities are waiting for their preys. After all, life is a fight for or against change. Death is the interruption of this course that equates them all democratically, hunters and hunted.








Perpetual Return




All images and text © Alexandros Vrettakos




Vrettakos Alexandros Eternal Recurrence (Αιώνια Επιστροφή)



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