Street Photographer and Visual Artist Federico Righi is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘Covid 19 — The Social Distancing’.  To see Federico ’s body of work, click on any image.


My daughter had to learn to use a six-computer when she hardly reads and writes.


Even the day when the Pope decided to give extreme unction to the whole world, I felt the presence of the virus while praying.


It was always there, waiting for our missteps. All the food that arrived at the house was left in quarantine for 24 hours after carefully disinfection.


A thousand doubts assailed us every time we opened the front door.


Covid 19 — The Social Distancing is a project carried out during 60 days of total social distancing, in which my family and I confronted and clashed with all the psychological and moral consequences of the issue.

It was a hard job with everyone nervous; was  difficult to keep calm and reason with each other.  We redesigned our lives, from working to going to school and then smartworking for work and school, while all the food supplies and anything else necessary was purchased online.

Keeping the general rules and the precautions for maintaining distance from everything and everyone, to avoid contagion, was a tough test. The virus was and is present in every moment of our lives, although luckily, we have never met it. But it was there, ready to strike us, hovering in the air, like a ghost. We felt its presence, overwhelmingly; but we didn’t see it.


The mania for cleanliness had disturb us, I took many showers.


The family was secretly observed gathering during lunch.


A moment when mom helped her little girl with her homework.


We felt it there, watching us, even while we slept…


One day an ambulance came to my apartment building. My wife was desperate; we felt the virus even closer.


Naples, Italy, 2020

All images and text © Federico Righi



Living Under A Pandemic

COVID-19 | Coronavirus’ Days



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