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Blackpool, a town full of color, noise and vibrant life has like every other coastal towns suffered irreparable economic loss and many small local businesses have needed to temporarily close.

I was, however, lucky to find Central Pier in Blackpool still open on the last evening before the second lockdown in November 2020.



Eerily empty and dark with only one or two kiosks and stalls still lit, the stopped rides and shuttered stalls cast ghostly shadows on the wooden boards. Always a favorite place to spend time on hot summer days. The chance to get on the pier in the dark and at closing time was a huge privilege and even though I feel like I know every board and shutter it was just a little bit daunting being on there on my own in the dark. Maybe too many Stephen King novels and too many horror films but I was expecting a gruesome clown with a story book to step out of the shadows.




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