Artist Kathleen Clark is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the book/project ‘The White House China’To see Kathleen’s body of work, click on any image.


George W. Bush, President from 2001-2009, Abu Graib, Dinner Plate, c.2020


President No. 45, Grave Digger/Gold Digger, Southern White House China, Dinner Plate, c.2020


Ronald Reagan, President from 1981-1989, Silence = Death, Dinner Plate c.2020


Andrew Jackson, President from 1829-37, Owner of Over 300 Slaves, Indian Removal Act,
Bon Bon Dish, c.2020


The White House China is a book of photographic and mixed media reconstructions based on the collection of dinnerware at the presidential residence in Washington, DC. Aiming to correct certain historical omissions, Kathleen Y. Clark investigates the iconography and incongruity of an America established through violent conquest yet framed by elegant theory and language. Inspired by early political illustrators who used their explosive imagery to reveal the injustice behind the country’s facade of equality, these re-creations look at presidential contradictions and pivotal judgements made throughout the nation’s history. The White House China shines a light on often-destructive events which happened by decision or neglect within each administration, providing a stark contrast to the assumption of civilization and culture set around historic dining tables.


Jimmy Carter, President from 1977-81, Afghanistan and the CIA, Dinner Plate, c.2020


Lyndon B. Johnson, President from 1963-1969, Vietnam, Dinner Plate, c.2020


Franklin Roosevelt, President from 1933-45, Japanese American Interment, Oyster Plate, c.2020


Calvin Coolidge, President from 1923-29, The Stock Market Crash of 1929, Dinner Plate, c.2020


William Howard Taft, President from 1909-13, Reconstruction, Meat Platter, c. 2020


All images and text © Kathleen Clark




The White House China

Book By Kathleen Clark



See also:

Mourning America

By Kathleen Clark.





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