Biden’s immigration policy will pause deportations, stop arrests, and halt the building of the border wall.  The democrats know who butters their bread for votes.  Expect extreme easing of immigration policy under Biden’s administration.

Come One Come All

Welcome to America!

This across the board blind appeasement of the growing Hispanic residents/citizens and ultimately voters will continue to widen the division this administration is aiming to narrow down.

Illegal immigrants should not have more rights and benefits than the legitimate citizens, that notion of plain inequality is harmful to society.

Immigration comes down to one single problem.

Where is the excess of jobs paying a living wage in America?

Without that we are inviting poverty, and stress in our social programs.

I’m an immigrant; immigration is good for any country, when the country needs it.  The entire world is in the midst of a pandemic accompanied by economic and financial crisis.  There is a profound difference between helping countries in need and bringing the problem home.  The US is not Central and South America’s keeper.


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