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“an exposé of American life in the middle of the last century”


Figments From The Real World is loaded with precise moments such as “Untitled 1950s’ on page 47 and ‘New York, Before 1976” on page 93.

The New Your City shots from the 1950s are timeless; the hats, the dresses, the streets of the city that never sleeps bleeding history through the black and white images.

Intimate portraits from subjects that invites Winogrand’s lenses to be part of the story their faces are telling.  It is close and personal;  I can feel the vibe of the moment.

“World Fair, New York-1964” on page 90;  total classic street photography, depicting society at that time.

The chapter on “Women” showcases elegance, with slim bodies and fitted dresses. My favorite is on page 103, walking down the streets of New York City dressed in white loaded with confidence and she has tiny curlers in her hair.

The Zoo chapter displays family entertainment in the 1960s, literally from the history books.

Figments From The Real World is a collection of daily life images in the US, including celebrities (politicians & entertainers) of that time.  It’s an exposé of American life in the middle of the last century,  time gone forever.

Winogrand died in 1984.


Winogrand: Figments from the Real World


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