Documentary Photographer Tatiana Korytina is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘Age Gap Marriage’To see Tatiana’s body of work, click on any image.


Alexandr (58) and Nataliya (42). Alexandr is a composer, jazz musician. Nataliya works for a charity organization. Met 15 years ago, married for 13 years. Their first date was in the forest. This is Nataliya’s first marriage. They have no children.


Albert (63) and Olga (39). Albert is an iron and steel industry engineer. He also is an instructor in the rock climbing club. Olga is an arts teacher and an artist. Albert and Olga met during the rock climbing trip to the Caucuses. They have been together for 10 years, married for 9 years. The couple has two daughters. This is Albert’s third marriage. He has two grown-up daughters from a previous marriage and three grandchildren. Albert’s children do not approve of the marriage with Olga since Alpert left their family to be with Olga.


Galina (33) and Vladimir (57). Galina was Vladimir’s graduate student. Their relationship started after a joined expedition to Tian Shan. 12 years together, married for 7 years, have a three year old daughter. This is Vladimir’s second marriage. He has a grown-up son from a first marriage.


Elena (59) and Alexandr (88). Married for 10 years. Both were widowed at the moment when they met. Alexandr is a famous physicist, Elena is a mathematician. Alexandr and Elena were introduced to each other by Alexandr’s daughter, who was also Elena’s friend. The couple has three children and three granddaughters.


Scientifically, there is no a clear cut definition for what counts as an age gap marriage. Frequently, sociologists talk about a ten-year difference between the partners. In Western cultures, men prefer women that are a few years younger as their partners and similarly, women choose older men.

There is a lot of metaphors that reflect the stereotypes regarding age disparity between the partners, for example, cougars, gold-diggers, and cradle robbers. According to the polls, couples with an age disparity more than ten years are often judged by the society. Age-hypogamy relationships, i.e. the relationships where a woman is older, receive more criticism than age-hypergamy relationships, i.e. the relationships where a man is older.

Every year, the number of age gap marriages increases. It can partially be explained by the increased longevity in general, and as a consequence, higher age heterogeneity among the population. Statistically, there is a positive relationship between the age difference and relationship outcome: the greater the age disparity the higher the probability for a divorce. This pattern is probably due to the decrease in the psychological and sexual satisfaction in one of the partners.


Boris (31) and Olga (40). Married for 6 years. Olga and Boris were introduced to each other at work. Olga is a psychologist. Boris is a psychologist as well, currently attends a medical school. Olga and Boris have a son. This is Olga’s second marriage; she has a grown-up daughter from a first marriage. This is Boris’s first marriage. Boris’s grandmother didn’t approve of their marriage at first. Olga’s mother was worried that Boris’s family wouldn’t accept her daughter.


Tanya (26) and Dima (40). Dima is a computer scientist, Tanya is a documentary photographer. Tanya and Dima were introduced to each other by mutual friends. 1 year together. They have no children.


Andrey (30) and Liza (46). Liza is an artist, art therapist, psychologist, and a teacher. Andrey is an engineer. Liza and Andrey met at an art exhibition. 2 years together, married for 1 year. This is Liza’s second marriage; she doesn’t have any children from her first marriage. At the moment of the photoshoot, Liza is 9 months pregnant.


Alexander (57) is an independent artist, owner of a toy museum. Masha (31) is a filmmaker, currently works as a costume designer. Alexander and Maria met at a literary café where Maria used to work as a literature consultant. Have been together for 13 year, married for 8 of them. Alexander and Maria have two sons. Alexander has an adult daughter from a previous marriage. Masha’s parents were disapproving of Maria’s relationship with Alexander.


All images and text © Tatiana Korytina





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