Just a bit of background on me:

I will soon be 59

Will soon be with the same fantastic woman for 34 years

I have a strong marriage


These posts will be short and only cover one topic so the advice sinks in. The first thing you want to look for in a woman that you will spend your life with is trust. Love is the glue, but lack of trust will bust the entire relationship apart. THIS MEANS ONCE SHE IS ATTACHED DATING WITH YOU, SHE SHOULD NOT  BE ON DATING SITES OR FLIRTING WITH OTHER MEN. Sorry about the caps, but this is most important. If she is not loyal in the beginning of the serious relationship, she will not be in the future when it really counts.

Yes, I know about open marriages. If both sides agree to this once married than I believe it is ok. However, very few couples can pull this off in a marriage.

In conclusion, today’s first lesson is trust which also includes lying etc. If you see lack of trust happening, then bail and move on.



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