“Best of Time, Worst of Times”

On view until July 23, 2021

Photographer Meryl Meisler


Part time capsule of the 70s and 80s and part memoir, “Best of Time, Worst of Times” is an invitation to come for a wild ride—New York City disco nights, punk bars, strip clubs, Fire Island, family, friends and neighbors, and suburban Long Island. These photographs, kept secret for decades, are an exuberant celebration of human connection; it is particularly poignant now when we can take none of these gatherings for granted.



Exhibition @ Kathleen O. Ellis Gallery at Light Work

Until July 23, 2021

316 Waverly Avenue, Syracuse, New York 13244

Light Work’s galleries are currently closed to the general public as part of our ongoing effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. We encourage patrons to visit our exhibitions and events online and to check out our catalog of artist videos.




Virtual Artist Talk

Thursday, April 29, 6pm EST

Register for the Artist Talk: https://tinyurl.com/2sccyaut



Silver Kiss, Xenon, NY, NY 1978(featured image) captures two people who frequently performed at many disco parties in the 1970s. They would paint their bodies in silver or gold and dance provocatively, semi or completely nude other than the paint. The person on the left is Marc Steven (AKA Mr. 10 ½, alluding to the size of his penis). Marc acted in over 80s porn films, most notably “The Devil in Miss Jones,” led an erotic dance troop, appeared in live sex shows, and authored two biographies. Marc Stevens died from AIDS at the age of 46 in 1989. I don’t recall the name of his performance partner captured in this kiss. Xenon was a very fashionable disco located at 124 West 43rd St, NYC, from 1978 – 1984. Xenon was built on the site of the former Henry Miller Theatre. Before the opening of Xenon, the theatre operated as a porn house.


Meryl Meisler

Meryl Meisler was born 1951 in the Bronx and raised on Long Island, NY. Inspired by Diane Arbus, Jacques Henri Lartigue, her dad Jack and grandfather Murray Meisler, she studied photography with Cavalliere Ketchum at The University of Wisconsin–Madison, and with Lisette Model in New York City. Meisler frequented and photographed the legendary New York discos. A 1978 CETA Artist Grant supported her portfolio on Jewish identity. Upon retiring from 31 years as a NYC public school art teacher, she began releasing previously unseen work…see bio HERE



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