Just a bit of background on me:

I will soon be 59

Will soon be with the same fantastic woman for 34 years

I have a strong marriage



Independence! My wife is very independent and I find that sexy. She is tough as nails and went to an all girl military school when Brazil was a dictatorship. If something needs to get done right she is the person for the job. Further, in over 33 years of marriage I never held her back and she has grown into an incredible woman. She can run any organization with her discipline, organization, and strong confident personality.

I know that not every one is lucky to meet a woman who was trained at a military school, but there are plenty of confident women out there and just keep your eyes pealed, Remember, a successful marriage is made of a strong unit. Always both husband and wife are totally for the unit. Likewise, having an independent women on your marriage team is a huge asset.


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