Loss Of Free Speech In America

Strong forces are cutting off free speech in America. The media is controlled by the left and is more frequently muscling  out alternative views. Even if one does not agree with the other sides opinion, they should have their say. Unfortunately, blocking out the others will become the norm in America.


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3 Responses to “Loss Of Free Speech In America”

  1. Gradmama2011

    There has always been censorship. One of the first lessons I learned as a young rookie journalist: no matter how big or important the scoop…it never saw the light of day if one of the major advertisers’ wife objected to its publication.

    There is no “one” form of censorship. What CNN allows, and what FOX allows, is unpredictable. Following both news behemoths is “just not done,” unfortunately.

    Pre-schoolers are indoctrinated very early on to the need to curb their speech. We don’t say the F-word. Why? Because we get in a lot of trouble…no one seems to know why.

  2. writegardener

    It will only become “the norm” if people continue to lazily stay asleep and not appreciate the mind or opportunites freely given. People had better stand up and speak out before all rights are squashed. Cancel culture is not respecting each other’s souvereignity. It’s domination. Personally, I prefer independent, deep thinking — even if someone disagrees with me.

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