Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer Abhishek Singh is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of  this photo essay.  From the project  ‘How to Prepare Covid19 Masks Locally’.  To see Abhishek’s body of work, click on any image.





My Photography Series titled “How to Prepare Covid19 Masks Locally” is inspired by a number of home-made face masks we recently designed and prepared in my hometown of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Today, people from across the world are using social media and sharing photos of alternative solutions which can help guard against Covid19. Some are preparing low cost masks made out of items which are available at our homes or can be sourced easily outside, and we are learning how to use simple day to day life items to protect against the deadly virus. As the world comes to know more and more about the deadly Virus, Govts, medical professionals and scientists are trying hard to find a cure for the disease, while trying simultaneously to mitigate its effects and give relief to people infected globally.




The massive outbreak of Covid-19 has affected the supplies of medical items, food products as well as essential household commodities. Face masks, sanitizers and items of personal hygiene are in short supply already, even as the demand is increasing by the hour. This acute shortage of critical items in such a time has led the photographer in me to think what if soon the situation doesn’t come under control! In such scenario, should not we as a global community have to think about the alternatives for mace masks which, as it stands, are nowhere to be found. I have come up with few out of the box ideas for producing self-made masks from daily life items. We can produce these masks from the Aegle Marmelos (BelFruit) and Orange Fruit Shell, Mineral water bottles, etc., as designed and captured by me in these pictures. Even Banana leaves and old shoes can be used to prepare makeshift masks. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and so even fabric, pieces of old clothing, panties and bra can also be utilized. By using whatever resources are available with us today, we can tackle the problem at our ends and help control it before it slips out of our hands completely.




All images and text  © Abhishek Singh



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