Written by Linda Owen



I need to get out but it’s got to be to the woods I need up-liftment I need to feel good and bring my body and mind back into brilliant balance

The heavenly home is turning into a box all 4 walls north south east and west have sealed me in and it  feels stagnant and the air is thin

I need a break for my mind and body bring a voice together ringing loud and clear there both telling me  get the hell out of here

All chores have become a bore it’s all lacking satisfaction no matter how much I complete for I need to put soil and earth under my feet

I need to trip over stones and  slide in mud press new grass and leave a  print

I need to walk away from this man made world

I can’t breathe deeply enough and the eyes to my soul have lost their sparkle

I need to connect to the woods to the seasons that are pushing forth

I wanna see flowers wild and free patterns of leaves I need to walk amongst the tallest trees

I need to walk without time and whistle a piece of grass a trick I learnt as a tomboy  lass

I need high pitch sounds of only the birds in song under the biggest umbrella of trees

No sound of traffic at last it  fell off the shoulders when I left the concrete path

I need to forget about the treadmill of life I need a break as I’m not feeling right

I need deep earthy oxygen filling up my veins pumping in all my limbs and be simply born again

I want roses cheeks that I had as a child I want pick a nice long dry straw and stick it in my mouth

I want to get excited at finding the perfect walking stick and snap to a desired height striding from the feet

I need to catch sight of the woodland birds or see a rabbit truly bouncing about gaze long into the distance the chance of seeing a deer and feel its peace

I want to suddenly here cuckoos penetrate the air with that unmistakable sound that causes my ears to bend a little bit more

I want mud on my shoes like a dirty dog I want to wash out grass stains and twigs out of my hair

I want to see 10 shades of green as far as the eye can see I want a sky thats going to seduce me

I know the patterns of nature are easy therapeutic to the eye and green is my heart chakra colour for all of us and my eyes fall heavy on millions of heart shaped leaves of green

I want to put my index finger under a stagnant raindrop suspended from a desired leaf cos it’s clear and pure and good enough to drink

I want to stare into a spiders web let my eyes get  hypnotised by its brilliant deadly patterns and let out a sigh and cause it to quiver

I want to squash fallen berries under my feet kick a crab apple and watch it roll with speed down a  long muddy lane

But most of all I want to rest my back against a nice solid tree one that will out live me

And run my hand and fingers through blades of soft grass rest my head fully back  and roll my eyes high and show only the sky

I need to see the sunshine put on a display with sparkle rays exciting my eyes and  watch the shadow run away i want to hold sunshine in the palm of my hand

I want to smell the good earth I want to smell the plants I wanna open my ears to every nature’s sound

I’m weighing myself checking in that  mind and body have returned to pure balance and have I come back to my roots

Before I leave here I’ve already booked in again as I should my subconscious mind will tell me in time I need to go out but it’s got to be to the woods.


Text © Linda Owen




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