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In this dynamic world, revolutions are more common than evolutions. A major revolution was brought about by open minded women (and men), who were willing to sacrifice their reputation, blood, family and whatever else was needed, to change the way women were perceived. It took decades of iron will and protests to make men take women’s views into account and consider them their equal. This is our feminist history recollected by a feminist.

Yes, I am a feminist but before you go on and judge me, let me tell that I am against Fake Feminism as much as you are. It saddens me to see the world blurring the lines between a feminist and a fake feminist.

The saddening part is that whatever rights we have, they are being questioned because of some women who misuse them. This is not even my point of view, it is a fact which can be seen EVERYWHERE on social media. The internet is often flooded with hate comments for one particular woman and the blame is put on the whole institution of feminism (which in other words is equality). Absurd, isn’t it?

I get that no one has the right to destroy someone else’s life by accusing them without a reason but what I don’t get is why is this imaginary one woman being made a symbol of feminism? She is just one woman out of many who went wrong, punish her but do not degrade every woman in this country by claiming that this is what happens when a woman is given a voice!

This is not all fake feminism is. Every time a woman pulls down another woman, it shows fake feminism. Every time, an innocent man is put through hell due to a verdict of a woman, it is Fake Feminism. Every time, a working woman degrades a happy housewife for the choice she made, it is Fake Feminism. Every time a working woman says, my money is my money but my husband’s money is our money, it’s fake feminism. Every time a lady feels a man should get up and offer her a seat in public transport but she will not get up to give a seat to someone old or handicapped, it’s fake feminism. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?


No amount of denial can hide that fact! It saddens the heart to see hatred all around when after so much struggle, love is trying to win, when after so long, equality is trying to win!


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