Awakening Humanity


With no regard to the goodness of life

one more day, we lose another.

The guns blast, the tempers flare.

Where does the end come to this strife?


Politicians battle over linguistics

while the street battles are personal.

Another life is taken, none given

with no regard to the goodness of life.


Another one was taken while trying to breathe

discourse–puts it mildly while anger,

fills every part of this existence.

How can we find a way for this to leave?


Flip the switch to the bright lights

burning in our eyes, reflecting discord.

Understand what people fear when

another one was taken while trying to breathe.


Let’s be better than this, brothers, and sisters,

let’s find the way past this, somehow.

Answers start when we can listen to each other

with total regard that pain is being inflicted.


Humanity is in a battle to be won

without regard to the full worth of persons.

We cannot go back and let history repeat.

Let’s be better than this, brothers, and sisters.

Moving forward to a better way

that’ll promote in humanity—

a spiritual awakening,

that’ll lead to extending love and

self-respect in our lives and days.


Silver Linings is dedicated to expressing hope through poetry. LaVan Robinson and Lisa Tomey took their two different poetry styles and both combined and responded to expressions. Ending with individual writings of each poet, Silver Linings is a portrayal of perspectives as each writer strives to express their hope for this world. As each poem was examined, the true meaning of hope and reality was complex, apparent, and sometimes gray. A common belief in the ability of humanity to come together served to fuel the fire behind the pen.


LaVan Robinson

LaVan Robinson is a veteran who believes in his country. He has an adult son, Audy, to whom he devotes his writing. LaVan took his mother’s maiden name as his last name in her honor.

LaVan has four books of poetry published and has plans for at least one more. He has also contributed to Fine Lines Literary Journal and to Heart Beats – Anthology of Poetry and is a regular contributor to online magazines. All his books are available on Amazon.

He can be found at one of the many open mics when he is not fishing. LaVan is also on Social Media.


Lisa Tomey

Lisa Tomey resides in North Carolina. She is manager of Prolific Pulse Press LLC.

She has published Heart Beats – Anthology of Poetry (2021) and Heart Sounds (2018) available on Amazon.

Her work has appeared in several publications, including Fine Lines Literary Journal, where she is an editor.

She can be found on Medium and Social Media.

A poetry editor, she believes in helping others bring forth the best of their work.

Her press was created as a passion to helping poets publish their fine works.


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Silver Linings: Reflections of Life and Hope Through Poetry



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