Written by  Sita Gaia


I love the coffee shop down the street.
The grinders,
how people hide behind their laptops
drowning out the world with their headphones- whales
under the sea don’t care how far down they are.

The awe of how fast
the baristas punch in my order-
or how some of them have it memorized.
I like consistency.

It amazes me how they
can work while conversation
pours out of me like the coffee
they pour for their patrons.

How they smile at me
because they’re friendly,
or just paid to do it,
I don’t care.

Did you know that the coffee shop
is the best place
out in the world to have a seizure?
My seizures don’t leave me staring
off in one direction.

One time I treated my Mum and I to a coffee,
& I felt the heavy pull
of fatigue from my meds,
collapsed to the ground.

After I ‘came to’, my mom
wiped up hot coffee from my chest,
using her favourite navy scarf.

What was my own name?
Where was I and why were people
taking pictures of me?
The smell of coffee
reeked all over my body.

The floor was cold, clean,
but too hard to fall on, right?
Is any floor good to fall on?

I fall without warning
and my head smacks the floor so hard,
I feel my skull move.


Knocking on the Body’s Door- Poems to Read on the Bathroom Floor is a poetry chapbook by Sita Gaia. While continuing to face seizures into adulthood, this talented writer had to …
… have a simple cup of coffee only to end up with severe burns. At what point would some people find this to be too much? Gaia tells how it is not just for oneself, but to show others that they are not alone.


A social worker by training, Gaia continues to find ways to help others. A TEDx Alumnae, the presentation given about seizures and life inspired the audience to give a standing ovation. One viewer was so taken by it all that they shared with Gaia that they cried for two hours, after seeing the presentation. Other venues have been I Dare You to Speak and the Women Who Inspire Conference. Gaia has been on podcasts to share about seizures and about this book. People are being reached. They are finding out that they are not alone. Gaia is a member of the BC Epilepsy Society. An impact is being made as resource information is sought and shared.

Sita Gaia

Sita Gaia has poetry featured in Poetry Soup, Harness Magazine, Fine Lines Literary Journal, Last Leaves Magazine, From my Eyes Anthology, and in the But You Don’t Look Sick anthology. Gaia continues to hone poetry skills in workshops held by such writers and poets as Megan Falley,



For book specifics see Amazon.com below


Knocking on the Body’s Door: Poems to Read on the Bathroom Floor



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