Written by Janice Schroeder


There is more to nourishment than just eating food for survival. There are different kinds of nourishment. There is body nourishment. There is mind nourishment. And there is soul nourishment.

Food should not only be fuel.  It should not only be what we need, but what we want.

Conventional diets take all of the joy out of eating.  We restrict ourselves, we punish ourselves, only to be disappointed in the long run.

Take a different approach to food.  Eat what gives you joy, satisfaction and yes, nourishment.  Engage those pleasure receptors in the brain.

Deprivation only leads to disappointment.  Eat that chocolate chip cookie, but do it with your entire being.  Inhale the deep, dark scent of the chocolate.  Taste the sweetness and slight saltiness of the cookie.  Feel it melt on your tongue.

Everything in moderation.  This is the key to intuitive eating.  You may gain weight, and you may lose weight.  Either way, it’s okay.  Focus on satiety.  Listen to your bodies’ cues.  This may take some practice.

Focus on well-being and overall health.  Yes, eat healthfully, but also eat to satisfy your soul.  Take a step back, and reassess your relationship with food.  How can you change it?

Ask yourself, what do I want to eat right now?  What would satisfy me?


Text © Janice Schroeder



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