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The world today is more riddled with conspiracies than truths and exposing the truth has never been more difficult. The pattern was old and well established: everything was scripted. The masses fell for it every time and still do. The truth has become hidden under so many layers that it becomes a conspiracy theory. Today the Intelligence and Counterintelligence networks work more on information, disinformation and misinformation. Everything is about a narrative: building a narrative and controlling the narrative.

Espionage is usually a dull job: nowadays it isn’t about looking for information as much as it is verifying information already known: gathering evidence that helps sift between fabrication and truth. Nowadays intelligence and counterintelligence does more verifications than actual obtaining of unknown information: everyone already knows what is going on, the problem is there is too much information, and the truth gets hidden behind layers and layers of misinformation and disinformation and well scripted edited versions of information…the work, then, becomes all about going through all those layers to find the simple, unadulterated truth in order to be able to do something concrete about it, or in order to take well-informed steps. Global warfare has never ended, just changed: it is more a war of smoke and daggers than ever: manipulating masses with fabricated news and information and achieving your goal of invasion of countries that are not obliging Uncle Sam and his allies, the latest of which was the “war on terror” charade, that took decades of failed attempts to finally achieve. But the rest of the world doesn’t live in the cocoon the Western countries have enclosed their people in: the rest of the world knows what is going on. The problem is to remove all that smokescreen so that the real truth gets exposed and the attempt at global manipulation and blackmail is foiled.

Not like your regular typical off the rack spy thriller, THE MIST is a political/spy/conspiracy thriller, a two-part series that challenges what we know today: it challenges the stereotypes of it genre and it challenges the narrative.

Tanya is our Pakistani agent, an undercover agent whose job is to get concrete evidence of information on misinformation, and counter espionage. Working closely with both domestic and international intelligence gathering departments, both military and civil, she has a dynamic personality and does her job to perfection. But she is more than just a spy: she is our everyday girl: with a past, with friends and with a life to call her own. She is almost always immersed in her job, and even though her oldest friend, her best friend from her childhood is back in her life and she loved it, the fact that her friend may end up being her rival in the spy business is a factor she is forced to calculate. Will their friendship survive the tests of time, of conflicts and wars and their jobs? Will their trust in each other and their faith trump all?


Nagwa Malik

Author of The Terrific Three and The Mist seriesNagwa Malik has had national success for her writing abilities. Nagwa has an MA in Scriptwriting from City University, London, and has been an academic for the greater part of her life. She taught Languages and Scriptwriting in reputed colleges and universities in Lahore like Choueifat and BNU.  She resides in Lahore, Pakistan where she works independently as a Language Trainer and is now a full time writer. She loves nature, animals, her solitude and watching K and J Dramas. She is introspective, and it fuels her work.


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