What Are We Doing To Our Planet?



Photographer Olivier MATTEL is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the series ‘ap0calypsis’.  To see Olivier’s body of work, click on any image.










Ap0calypsis is all about the world we leave to our children.

We exploit the resources of our nourishing planet with greed and selfishness. We scarify it with titanic open pit mines, we bury our radioactive rot, we smear it to the bottom of its oceans, contaminate its atmosphere…

We give ourselves good conscience with through amazing international treaties, never respected but does it matter? We are the dominant species.

The wounds we inflict to the Earth will be our own wounds, already are.

These desolate, dehumanized, almost apocalyptic landscapes are a reflection of our obstinacy and the mirror of our insolent pride. They are metaphors of the future which is revealed little by little.












Note: the Greek etymology (ápó-kalúptô) of the word apocalypse means “revelation”.


All images and text © Olivier MATTEL



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By Olivier MATTEL





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2 Responses to “What Are We Doing To Our Planet?”

  1. Silver

    Indeed, I ask myself that question a lot these days – what are we doing to where we live? Is *this* really what we want to leave for those who come after us? Is this their inheritance?

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