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One flew on Cuckoo’s nest


As a photographer of abandoned places, I sometimes enter old abandoned asylums. Usually the reportage genre is not part of me, I am an esthete of architectural photography, but inevitably when you come into contact with these structures, reflections related to the people who lived in these places are automatically generated.

If for the noble palaces or the rich decaying villas you can have discordant emotions, melancholy for the lost beauty or pride for an ancient beauty maintained despite the decay, with the asylums the emotions generated are unique.

Walking alone into these dark and silent structures generates feelings of anguish in me, clearly for the past to which they are connected. Prisons disguised as hospitals. I saw several large windows with bars in the old villas to protect the rich gentlemen, but here they were not to leave out, but to keep inside…




Dreaming Freedom


This or that for me is equal




Hannibal Lecter


All images and text © Christian Basetti



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By Christian Basetti





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