Contemporary Artist Fanny Gosse is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the series ‘Spina’.  To see Fanny’s body of work, click on any image.


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Thorn as a symbol, a kind of suffering’s vector, but also a repair and protection tool.
The skin is pierced, the skin is repaired, but the body will keep a scar like a permanent memory, engraved, drawing of the trauma caused by the suffering (physical or psychological).
Sometimes, a thorn is more abstract; an emotional shock, a depression that spreads in our brain to reach our sensible skin surface and attack our vitals organs. Here, the thorn is the symbol of trauma, upset, splinter, sword.

But “doesn’t the rose have the thorn as a friend?” (Afghan proverb) because, if the thorn attacks, it’s also the one which is protecting. If the body arms himself on the surface, it protects himself in depth. Thorns are our shields. « Don’t approach me, I sting ».
The fighter carries a sword, the hedgehog his needles and the rose, her thorns. Me, I am the spiky woman.

Finally, thorn is also the sewing needle. The surgeon uses it to sew our injuries. It is the syringe which takes us into sleep when the pain is too strong. In ‘Spina’, I choose to sew my body’s surface (sewing the photo of my own cicatrices) and my inside body (sewing anatomical board photos) because inside and outside are totally linked.










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