Written by George Gad Economou


every night dissipating in crepuscular, tiny rooms

there to vanish into the words and works of

those that lived in different eras, back when

traveling still required balls, guts, and determination to

brace untamed dangers, instead of patience to deal with



no real home to go to, not existing in any

country or city or continent, just pallid

existences with no purpose,


desperate to find solutions to problems

growing bigger every day in a Europe that claims

to be one nation, yet keeps its borders locked

behind barriers of

restrictions even for

its own citizens.


once, you only needed the balls to set sail, escape

the shackles of the old world and make a new

life in some virgin island.


now, you need five different documents, money, a job,

to show you belong in a mechanized, robotized world.


it’s all about the draw of the luck, where and when you’re

born—bureaucracy is made to protect the lucky few,

exclude the unlucky billions.


bureaucracy and god, after all, are the worst

loan sharks in history—both sired by the few that

despise the many.



Text © George Gad Economou




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