Written by  George Gad Economou


darling, elevate some

of the damn pain;


let’s torch the mornings, ride off

into the deep night and speed over the canyon

to the other side; over the Edge.


while the green moon dances and the stars sing their psalms,


let’s set the world on fire, do a tango over the ashes,

like we promised during wild, sweltering nights.


sing me some blues like you did back

when I stared dead into the night searching for foreign ghosts.

how could  I’ve known you’d become


the most prominent and clear?


we swilled rotgut at the beach;

you sang the blues, I had the blues.


we drank, smoked, and kissed; two foreign souls

meeting for a singular moment in a strange realm


while scouring for a way out, dredging up the glorious

pathway to heaven. we believed, naively,

the great Poet that wrote of pits, mountains, and singing angels.


he knew nothing; nor do we now. nor will anyone ever do. it’s okay.


night falls, come sing me the blues one last time,

let me hear your voice in a dream.


Text ©  George Gad Economou




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