Written by George Gad Economou


once more it rains it pours some things never change

new faces old conversations conducted anew no change in the world

it keeps orbiting the sun it rains it gets murk permanent midnight

insanity of junk we breathe in we breathe out one final exhalation it’s over

same old shit back to the starting line another race doomed to be lost

battles won wars lost

glass madness

tears during cold winter nights smiles on hot summer mornings

the movie plays the body restless twisting left and right begging for attention

Tom Wolfe is on the screen I don’t care anymore the struggle is so familiar

despite lacking the genius

empty bottles on the floor traces of blow amidst the dust the rain falls heavy nowhere to go

only in the street corner for some junk the needle warm I need to escape

faint moans from the stained blue couch the ghosts dissipate finally

new owners new ghosts new deaf walls to wreathe a dying soul

shallow graves pissed on by black turtles emerging from the depths of Dantian Hell

are you still out there?—do you remember when you found me half-dead with a needle stuck

in my arm?

survival of the fittest trying to fit instinct to page and the process is long

inside a classroom no junk no blow no ice only the professor’s robotic voice

faces all around uninteresting uninspiring hoping they’ll one day write the next masterpiece

there’s no drink in sight only the Friday beers

without a cause without a reason no meaning in existences meant to last for too fucking long

empty needles in playgrounds children play mothers talk oblivion paints the sky

dark clouds hover over our heads harbingers of a change that shall never come

tomorrows doomed to die deriving from yesterdays that never were

we are we were we will be it’s never the same yet nothing changes

everyday battles are fought and lost bodies lay on battlefields no one to inter them


do you still remember how to breathe?

are you still out there to remind me how to live?

is there a way out a final emergency exit?

breathe in,

breathe out,

Im finally out.


Text © George Gad Economou



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