Fine Art Photographer  Antoine Buttafoghi is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the series ‘Paris Muta Silentia’.  To see  Antoine ’s body of work, click on any image.






Loneliness (es)

By necessity, choice or bad luck … loneliness can take many forms. Whether it comes from punishment or, on the contrary, from a reward, it can go along with freedom, but does not hate disarray! It is self-seeking or fleeing from the other, accepted and light or undergone and overwhelming. Intimate confusion or subtle balance! Loneliness as a fruitful initiatory experience, an inner journey, a lucid quest and which allows one to generate a different relationship to oneself and to the world. Loneliness as an art of living that allows you to turn to the essential, connected to yourself, to the sacred, to the eternal. A wandering in the depths of being, a secret odyssey, a destination towards oneself… 



Loneliness as a last exile, a last salvation, an absolute silence. Alone in their environment, these characters isolated in their space or in their dreams, find themselves suspended in time, no doubt in search of somewhere else. They impose their scale on the plans, a life proper to the lines and a verticality too! And they would doubtless be surprised at the importance of their visual weights in the geometric balance of the masses.






All images and text ©    Antoine Buttafoghi



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