Written by  George Gad Economou


three in the morning, murk outside

the window; I still wait to

hear from you. silence all day

long, not a word, a text, not even a smile. where

are you, I wonder, what are you

doing all day? are you

thinking of me or are you

elated that I’m away and you’re finally

able to lose yourself in

his arms, draining my image

from your mind?

I light a cigarette, drink

a beer, and exhale sheaths

of blue smoke.

I can move on, liberated from

your harrowing image.

free to find someone new; I want

you to arrive, sleep in my bed, rest

your head on my

shoulder; dreams are condemned

to quick, painful, grueling


it’s alright.

eventually, I’ll

forget you—like you’ve forgotten

me, no matter your vehement reassurances. I’ll

erase the memory of ever

meeting you.

I’ll return to the fast and quick, to

rough brunettes that handle rotgut better than bikers,

to cheerful blondes that sink shots of mescal with refulgent grins,

to redheads that guffaw when they set the world on fire.

it’s back to morning

hooching, to easy

fucking, to

drugs—that’s my only love, the EDGE.

you were a brief break, unworthy

of the time wasted away from swaying barstools.


Text ©  George Gad Economou




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