Concept Artist Kushal Tikle is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  To see Kushal’s body of work, click on any photograph.


‘Jaadi’ in Hindi means fat.
This vehicle is a concept for the public transport in the story; I referred to a lot of domestic transport of India and Pakistan while designing. The front part of the vehicle is the hood of an old car in India named ‘ the ambassador ‘, which was one of my favorite cars before they stopped production.
Dimension: 8mts x 7mts approx.
Max. Altitude: 4 kms.
Max. Trip range: 150 ams
Crew: 2
Passengers: 4-5 persons
Armament: none


Fossil Creatures
These were some character designs I did using fossils as a major element of their skin and tried imagining how it might look if they were warriors in an imaginary world.


Dhakkan Cruiser
‘Dhakkan’ in Hindi means a lid, it’s also a slang word used to call someone an ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’.
Self constructed and designed by the orphans of Mumbai from the junk available in the slums and the industrial wastelands. I designed this keeping in mind the scrap that could be available like, canvas cloth, wooden planks, jet engines, chariot vehicle parts, streetlights, etc. Special features: Thrust pod / eject pod. Designed for rapid pursuits and capturing drones & other gang-war vehicles.
Dimension: 16mts x 5mts approx.
Construction: Scrap material, basic steel framework.
Armament: Laser blasters


Bull carriage
This is also a digital painting assignment I had during my studies.
It depicts some architectural elements of morocco, market scene, and a bull carriage passing through it.


Hideout cave
I thank Nivanh Chantara for this image. I had referred to his paintings he made for his personal projects. I wanted to achieve a similar style and feel to the sketch. The image basically describes the vertical slums I imagined, since there will be no more land, people would stack up like a pile of trash and live in this world governed by the unjust corporations.


Ship-breaking Yard
This is a random painting I did to depict a market built entirely using parts from a ship breaking yard.
The references used here were from the ship breaking yards from Bangladesh and India.


A tale of two cities
This is a piece I did to depict a scene from the novel called A Tale of two cities by Charles Dickens.
It’s a scene where the carriage full of wine gets spilled on the road and people around are gathering all they can to drink it.


This is just a speed painting practice I was doing back then to explore brush economy and composition.
Somehow topics like journey, pilgrimage, and post apocalypse are very easy topics to practice speed-painting on.


This vehicle I designed to be a commuter in this world. It’s a hybrid design between a common inter-city commuter named Dukkar you find in India and a Jeepney, commuter you find in the Philippines.
This fits about 10-15 people at once.


All images © Kushal Tikle



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