An Excerpt From

The Coming of Grace 

Book By Marjorie Delores


“…Without any warning, she felt someone grab her from behind, and before she could let out a scream, she was pinned to the floor by what felt like an elephant. A hand went over her mouth, muffling her cries. The force that impacted her filled her lungs, to where she felt as if it was about to explode. He had almost knocked her unconscious, and mercilessly he ripped away from her innocence, leaving her in a pool of blood. She lay on the floor like a discarded rag doll, whimpering in pain. She rolled over to see the monster cleaning himself off. Glaring down at her, he angrily instructed her, “Clean up this mess, and if you ever say anything to anyone, I will come back for you and Winifred…!” The trauma of that moment would become the onset of abuse that she had to endure. At the time, she could not fathom that this painful memory would grow to become the hallmark of her life..”


The Coming of Grace truly is a heartwarming story about how Rebekah Masters used her faith in God as the catalyst to save herself. It is loosely based on facts and provides a powerful message about never giving up. The protagonist, Rebekah Masters odyssey, is layered with suspense, drama, humor, moments of inspiration, summed up in one word, spellbinding. Rebekah’s story pays homage to women, some of whom have become silent. Some tragically whose voices with raw passion become celebratory within the narratives.  Rebekah captures the essence of their struggles while highlighting the depth of their strength and tenacity. The Coming of Grace is about resilience, courage, and the drive to succeed despite the odds. 


Marjorie Delores

Marjorie Delores was born in Montego-Bay, Jamaica, West Indies, and is a past student of Long Island University and later Keiser University in Florida. Marjorie’s love of art becomes celebrated through poetry and storytelling. In 1998 she became published as a Poet, later featured in the Florida Sentinel and the Asbury Park Press. Now retired in Florida, committed to what had brought her to America, sharing life’s lessons through poetry and storytelling. 



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