The Deep Ravine Fairy Tale


Photographer Dick Blau is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From ‘A Walk in the Woods’ an improvised fairy tale.  To see Dick ’s body of work, click on any photograph.






In 1978 I shot what I would come to call Scenes from a Wisconsin Summer. It is the story of the adults and the children in two families, one of them mine, and both families on the edge of divorce.



When the summer was over, I continued to shoot, going on walks with the girls, exploring a deep ravine in Milwaukees Lake Park. As time went by and we got used to the cold and wet of the dismal season, I began to find my moments. I was particularly drawn to the half-light of dusk, loved the way it appeared when I used the flash and a long shutter speed. In the course of our meandering, the girls became characters maybe figures is a better word in a dark little drama. Perhaps it is more like a dream than a story. The sort of dream you wake up from with a start and a shudder, just glad it wasnt real.



About fairy tales. I grew up listening to my mother, an actress, tell me stories at bedtime, channeling Olie-Luk-Oiethe Swedish Dream God, and over the years they have found their way into my films as well as my photography.





All images and text © Dick Blau



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