Excerpt From

Mix Tapes and Photo Albums

Book By Andrea Janov




We sit in the café

on Salvation Army couches

gazing out a picture window –

no one passes on the street

as snow fills our footprints.

Smoke hovers,

cigarettes and cloves

mix with coffee and homemade

chocolate chip cookies.

We share grasshopper milkshakes

 and bottles of IBC root beer,

read zines and defaced

magazines as punk rock

leaks  through the walls.



Mix Tapes and Photo Albums
Book By Andrea Janov

Mix Tapes and Photo Albums is a coming-of-age narrative poetry collection about a small town punk rock scene told by a girl who loved Francie Nolan and Ben Weasel equally. Each poem assumes the title of a song which creates the soundtrack to a group of teenagers who push the boundaries of their small town, test where they fit, and find solace in their local punk rock scene. This poetic mix tape sings to the kids who will hear their first Sex Pistols song, start their own bands, write their own zines, scrawl Xs on their hands, and create their own communities; and those kids who remember. Mix Tapes and Photo Albums  speaks to those who know that punk is thriving in the streets of small towns everywhere, just waiting for the next generation of kids to tap into its raw power.



Andrea Janov

Andrea Janov is a punk rock kid who believes in the beauty of the ordinary, the power of the vernacular, the history of the abandoned. She strives to reveal the power in what we see, say, do, ignore, and forget every day. She holds Creative Writing degrees from SUNY Purchase and Wilkes University and  Mix Tapes and Photo Albums  is her first full length poetry collection.



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