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The Comfort of Art


I don’t write because I want to, not really. I kind of need to. I’ve been sick for a very long time, mentally ill. Finding balance in the last twelve years of my life has been nigh-on impossible. Highs and lows, crushing lows. College was a very chaotic time for me. I lost as many friends as I made, I drank too much, had horrible trips, slept with too many men. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t think that there was anything I could control. Apart from writing. Whether it was writing appointments in my multiple diaries, taking notes in lectures or journaling through pain and tears, writing somehow made me feel like I had control in what was a messy and painful existence. I’ve been “at my most well ever” for the last year now. With covid my life slowed down and I learned that I preferred life at a slower pace. I learned that I was allowed to live my life the way I was able to and the way that I wanted to. Slowly my love of art and culture, my creativity came back. It started slow, I watch beautiful films, Wes Anderson in particular, I walked in the West Cork countryside and when I was allowed I went to Kerry and wept at the beauty of the sea. I cycled a lot, I did workouts, I started watching YouTube. After the third lockdown I started going to art galleries. I noticed that art helped me, the alone time renewed me. My interests were returning. One day when I least expected it I wrote a poem, and then another. And here I am.


The Interview – Part 1

Which character flaw do you despise the most and how do you deal with these individuals during an unavoidable encounter? 


I think the characteristic that I would find most repulsive in a character would be ‘entitlement’. Growing up with an English accent in a small townland in Cork where everyone plays Gaelic hurling and football, often made me feel like I was different. I was told my accent and my talent for English and my chronic shyness made me ‘posh’ when in fact I was just culturally different. When I went to university, I encountered people who were trying to find themselves and struggling. Some of them aired their pain in hurtful ways. For me that is the essence of entitlement.


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About ‘In The Mind Of An Artist’ 

‘In The Mind Of An Artist’ aims to uncover the artistic mind, the perspective of individuals living under the influence of art.   By and large we live collective lives, but artists see life a bit; well sometimes very different than others.  As some seem to float from one artwork to another; others are deeply encrusted in their work making it difficult to catch that ride offered by the world around them, creating realities in which one person (the artist) must navigate in order to survive in society.  If you are an artist and this speaks to you, please contact me if you like to share your story.

This series of articles, written by artists is about the artist’s way of processing and reacting to events in their lives.  These can be tangible communal events or struggles of philosophical and psychological nature.

Through these articles artists will share their intimate views. Talking about how their perspectives changed as they trapped themselves in the cobwebs of art.

By design ‘In The Mind Of An Artist’ will not contain any images of artwork, biography, profile, lists of exhibitions, books or the artist’s creative process.

The goal here is to give the artist a chance to pause from the creation of art for a moment and explore the self.

Interviews will also be included in this series.

To submit your article, get an invitation to participate or for more information on this new series please email jo@edgeofhumanity.com .




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