Photographer Ellen Rosenberg  and Artist Aaron Kalinay  are the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributors of these images. From the work titled ‘Moral Imagination’ which is now in exhibition at the Da Vinci Art Alliance. For more information on Ellen and Aaron’s show and artwork, click on any  photograph.






An exhibition of the photography of Ellen Rosenberg combined with the paintings of Aaron Kalinay. The inspiration for this proposal was an instinctive draw to each other as people and feeling the energy encapsulated in each other’s art.  The spark of the idea was an exhibit Ellen saw that beautifully melded the work of a photographer and a painter and both Ellen and Aaron’s desire to show a body of work in response to world events. 

The photographs are a reflection on a city very familiar to the photographer. A place she calls home. These photographs reflect the traditions, deep rooted history, and faith of the people that live there.   The paintings show a collection of work showing highs and lows in outlook and energy manifested in line, color, and composition.  The paintings have gone forwards and backwards in being reworked and share experience with the viewer as each day we absorb and manage a bombardment of information that one days asks for quiet, calm, isolation and the next is a necessary and undeniable call for action due to endless years of accumulated anger, frustration, and despair over feeling powerless to injustice and disdain for life.  Each final painting reflects a different holistic state along this time and feeling continuum. 




This will be seen in photographs of the people of New Orleans and the infectious vitality and energy they portray.  It is a place and people that have survived great hardship and still come back stronger, better, anew all while maintaining a unique and special culture.  It will also be seen in paintings abstracted from the structure of our visual world that are worked through in a mold of formal and aesthetic balancing and the moods and emotions of the painter.

The photographs show a desire to dress, role play, put oneself together with purpose. This can be for survival, fun, exploration. The people may be suffering on the inside or full of joy, but they are still participating in New Orleans life. This connects to the paintings in that the surface appearance of joy or despair contains a more complex and deep underlying essence.



In Exhibition at the 

Da Vinci Art Alliance

704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia PA 19147

Until March 2nd 2022



All images © Aaron Kalinay and Ellen Rosenberg





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