Astro Jack


Written by  Joni Caggiano

From the perspective of a young concert goer using hip-hop urban dialect.



losing myself between those repeated raw beats

ignoring and escaping the tizzle of the streets

reality spooning hardships like venomous glue

scrabbling out of my skin like thousands will do


braided red locks bouncing off tight curvy hips

singing freestyle, making up my own fly spits

small tired fingers got me new kicks and a ticket

crowd growing like an off the hook wild thicket


might meet a baller while I chillax with my crew

hope to get up close catch some Cactus Jack true

music, whips, kicks, and feeling rizzle on the fly

he got ghost I see people running next I see sky


breath going kicks on my chest timbs in the gut

can’t get no breath, my dark eyes slowing shut

being pulled on pavement gonna be a young 187

praying to God, hoping Mom knows I’ll be in heaven



Is it time to seriously reconsider certain aspects of large concerts?  How many people have to die.  This past November, ten people died from compression asphyxia at the Houston rap concert.  It was a Travis Scott Festival called Astroworld.  Travis Scott is a rapper.  The youngest person who died was only nine years old.  There was a sudden crowd rush.  This type of tragedy is nothing new.  In 1979 at a Who concert, eleven people died.  An interesting note to show the extreme differences today versus 1969.  During the famous Woodstock Festival, 450,000 plus people attended, and only two people died.  One death was due to a drug overdose, and the other was a person sleeping underneath a tractor.  The person driving the tractor was unaware of the individual’s whereabouts.  




Text ©  Joni Caggiano



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5 Responses to “Astro Jack”

  1. jonicaggiano

    @forresting365 Hi, Katie, I am just seeing your comment, thank you so much for your very gracious comment on this publication. You’re right, it’s sad that it’s even a topic of discussion, but this type of tragedy happens too often. Love and hugs, my friend 🥰😘

  2. forresting365

    Good Lord. Sigh. Love the comparison. Hating that this topic even exists to make it necessary. Thank You, Joni. It’s really beautifully written as always! And Thank You Edge of Humanity!!! ❤️

  3. jonicaggiano

    Yes exactly Felipe. I think lots of things can happen when there are so many people. I don’t think anyone is trying to kill people things just happen. Thank you for reading Felipe and for sharing another example. Have a blessed week my friend. Hugs 🤗 Joni

  4. Felipe Adan Lerma

    Wow! Hadn’t realized til I read the rest of the poem how such a wonderful event of people and music can and does sometimes turn tragic. Reminds me too of The Rolling Stones Monterey concert way back ( I wasn’t there, saw / read about it as it happened ).

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