An Excerpt From

After the Rainbow

Book By Zaneta Varnado Johns


Searching for Gold after Storms and Rainbows


One Day


One day, homes will be filled with people not homeless anymore.

One day, clean water will flow freely from the earth’s core.

One day, opportunities for all children will follow God’s plan.

One day, inequality disappears as justice reigns over the land.

One day, the air is clear because we cared for Mother Earth.

One day, food is plentiful because we’ll reward the farmers’ worth.

One day, teachers are heralded as sculptors of tomorrow.

One day, students have all they need without a need to borrow.

One day, hatred is replaced by love which overflows.

One day, greed is erased while love steadily grows.

One day, we’ll have no wars, fighting no longer exists.

One day, across the globe, only goodness will persist.

One day, our world returns to the garden that God created.

One day, peace results from knowing we are all related.

One day, we’ll welcome families no matter how they look.

One day, patience will rule despite how long it took.

One day, respect becomes a nonnegotiable trait.

One day, humanity is restored before it is too late.

Let’s make one day today!


After the Rainbow
Book By Zaneta Varnado Johns

After the Rainbow: Golden Poems (2022) is a poignant and inspiring collection of seventy-eight new poems written during the past year and a half. As poet Zaneta Varnado Johns endured or witnessed the storms of the pandemic, gun violence, civil unrest, and environmental disasters, she wrote to capture her rainbow of intense emotions. She reached within her soul to process the ills of our society and emerged hopeful every time. Three poems were co-authored with poets Sarfraz Ahmed and Pratibha Savani from the United Kingdom.

After the Rainbow poses questions, which are intended to provoke thought without judgement. Johns’ style is conversational and rhythmic, and her prose is unique. See inside her humor as she shares about bubble baths, feeling dissed, and a glimpse of her closet’s contents. Her love and expressions of outdoors will place the reader in her environment, wherever that may be. Her deep love of rainbows is reflected throughout the book with delightful images and photos. In her personal tributes, Johns captures the essence of people close to her and some she has never met. Believing that every word shared is an opportunity to love, Johns exclaims her personal appreciation for souls before her, luminaries among us, and precious ones we have lost. Read tributes to Amanda Gorman, the late celebrity Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins, and the amazing Ms. Maggie Gordan, among others. Two versions of this beautiful book are available: a Gold Signature Edition and a Black and White Edition.


Zaneta Varnado Johns

Zaneta Varnado Johns is a 3-time bestselling poet and author. She serves as a Moderator for the Passion of Poetry, a revered online platform for emerging and esteemed poets. Her books include Amazon’s #1 bestseller Poetic Forecast: Reflections on Life’s Promises, Storms, and Triumphs (WSA Publishing 2020) and her newly released After the Rainbow: Golden Poems (Prolific Pulse Press 2022).

Johns is a co-author in the #1 international bestsellers Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference and Voices of the 21st Century: Conscious Caring Women Who Make a Difference (WSA Publishing 2021 and 2022). Both collaborative books feature Johns’ poems as the Dedication page. Her poems also appear in Fine Lines Literary Journal and numerous international anthologies and journals.

Recognized by the University of Colorado as one of its 2007 Women Who Make a Difference, Johns is a retired human resources leader. She resides in Westminister, Colorado, USA.




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