Death Of A Priest


Written by George Gad Economou



empty fields   on the horizon stand the tall mountains of eternal fire

crammed into a tiny space    one chance to see Aphrodite

chasing shadows inside dirty orphan needles discovered in schoolyards

one featureless figure walks

the streets never empty         look at those who seek a hole in the system

destroy the buildings burn down the forests dry up the seas

Timmy walked          Jessica followed        in the motel we cried over spilled bourbon

are you somewhere?             dead before your birth

next to the elephants strolls a mouse           king of the hill conqueror of the world

the machines dreadful          pain tears insanity     time for pleasure to commence

inside the foxhole playing cards       one shell all it took    four aces and it wasn’t enough

tightening walls         all air squeezed out    the grave of hope is nowhere to be found

he played guitar since childhood      alas something else occupied the dreams of innocence

is there anybody out there?              outside a hospital a junkie begs for dimes and nickels

inside the drunk tank sits a sober woman

in a basement the conquest of the virtual world is discussed

the motel stood in ruins burned down         only room 123 remains occupied

Jessica and Timmy    alone with each other in an embrace one kiss     death

Peter and George in the hotel lobby            shooting junk one needle      death

Kate and Lisa            in a big mansion        by the pool     talking of yesterday’s never realized


destruction world-domination nuclear-annihilation sit by me and cry

belonging to the same chorus         songs about the devastation of the human soul

each a quarter of a mind       altogether not making up half a mediocre human

doomed and damned            a three-headed angel rubs his hands together          drooling

a fire swallowed up the neighborhood

a black turtle took a piss all over the graveyard of nameless soldiers of tomorrow

end of the parade       the atomic bomb looms over the planet

the sun gave up         left the solar system

goodbye my children            in hospital rooms born          no one to visit

a farewell to the soldiers of the bar             the ones never defeated in a battle yet always

losing the war

amen             the priest was killed when the statue of christ toppled and squashed his head



Text © George Gad Economou



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