Written by George Gad Economou



from the oceanic depths surfaced

a corpse rotten and disfigured;

the waves brought it to a distant shore, where

two children found it instead of seashells.

it opened their eyes, made them gallop

back home tearful and wailing.

the corpse—its decaying mind plagued

by just one thought—strolled into

town, seeking for the one that tossed

him to the sharks.

too many years had elapsed since the demise

of the man that once lived in the fish-devoured half-body.

the peaceful residents grabbed their guns, chased

the victim of a toxic love away

from their limpid homes and into the woods.

within the tenebrific mist and moist air, the corpse

remained eternally—unable to die again.

no absolution without closure.

wild animals munched on the remaining smidgens of body

but the shadow of who he once was lingered on.

it observed the scenery change—a nuclear factory erected

where tall pine trees dominated for centuries.

a simple accident turned the area into a desiccated wasteland.

in spite of it all, the shadow stayed, cursed to search for

absolution, compelled to find the one that forced him into

this half-existence. the essence of one that once

loved and was betrayed meandered the world, condemned

in a pathetic, worthless half-existence.

it saw the demise of the human race, it

witnessed the last black hole dwindle into nothingness.


it continued to exist, even without the universe—a lonesome particle

of nothing. in nothingness, in absolute darkness,

it pondered its lost love, the scarce moments

the heart it once possessed skipped a beat.

let there be light! it saw the beginning—the phantasmagoria

of fireworks that engendered a series of planet-propagating

explosions—and the end all over again. a circle of eons, the shadow

tarried, perusing the start and the end, the monotony

of existence. for a fragment of

a millisecond, the man it once was lived

again—holding the one that conquered his heart

in his arms. a bright infinitesimal instance

that filled with warmth the man turned corpse turned shadow

turned particle as it

observed eons pass by before his blind eyes.



Text © George Gad Economou



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