Why I Still Photograph With Film


In today’s high tech digital world I’m a dinosaur. When I place a roll of film in the camera it is as though I’m performing a ritualistic act. The process starts by taking the film out of the plastic canister and holding the roll in my hands. It’s a nice comforting feeling. The plastic shell case is industrial looking and reminds me of something that is solid and is built to last. The roll of film is tangible in my hands, not digital bits and pieces of photo’s floating around someplace inside a camera or computer’s hard drive.

Using a film camera is a personal experience that brings photography to its most simplistic form and connects the photographer, the camera and the film all as one unit.  I proceed to load the film into the camera, snap the door shut and press the shutter button a couple of times listening as the camera rapidly moves the film strip across the teeth. The film is locked and loaded and ready to go. In my hands, I hold the camera and feel an inner satisfaction that I’m well equipped. The roll of film is my blank canvas. Not too much fiddling with electronic gadgets. The film camera is ease of operation so the artist can focus on creativity and individual vision not the equipment.  A transcendental experience!

Holding a slide or print between my fingers is a very warm feeling. I store all my images in specialized storage boxes, then place the boxes wrapped in heavy duty plastic bags inside freezers. With a temperature at around negative ten degrees, the images will last 100’s of years. Yes, I can also make a print from a digital file, but having each individual picture, in its hard format, is priceless to me. There are no worries of the photo being deleted on my hard drive or lost in cyberspace. I also have no concerns about technology changing.

The march of time and innovation must continue to move forward and technology will constantly change our lives, but I sure hope that film will continue to be available during my lifetime.


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3 Responses to “Why I Still Photograph With Film”

  1. paulguisbournehiltonalifeworthgiving

    What a wonderful post, very descriptive and took me back to a bygone age when we used to holiday taking our Kodak camera with us, no filters to worry about, no timer delays and if someone or something came into the shot then so be it.
    The careful removal of the film at the end of the reel, putting it into an envelope and taking it to the photo processing shop and waiting for a couple of days.
    I remember the excitement of seeing the prints for the first time and seeing whether anything had been captured unexpectedly.
    The best of times 😊💕

  2. mic

    who once tried it knows that there is something more in analog photography ..While reading the article, I heard all the sounds you described. Great article👌👌👌✍️📷

  3. paulguisbournehiltonalifeworthgiving

    What a wonderful and very atmospheric post, it took me back to the days of my childhood when you carried a camera and a couple of rolls of film but I often think that the most exciting part of the process was going to the store to pick up your prints and negatives, the surprise when you opened the envelope and looked at the pictures as if for the 1st time 😁💥
    Thank you so much for reawakening those memories of what seems like a bygone age.

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