Excerpt from

The Fallout 

Book By Kaycee King


“While she listens, she can’t help but think it’s a story she’s heard a million times before. Someone’s bullied, neglected, and abused. They snap. They tip beyond the point of self-loathing into hot, blinding rage. At some point, violence becomes the only thing that feels right to them. No one really understands it. No one can explain. It can’t be reasoned out, so those in charge, the upper echelons in the newsrooms both liberal and conservative, start screaming into the void and pointing fingers at the other side: red, white and blue…I blame you! And so it goes on, and on, and on, and on.”


The Fallout
Book by Kaycee King

Lifelong friends Noah and Tristan find themselves leaning on each other in the aftermath of a violent event at their school, watching from the tenuous sidelines while their classmates fall apart. Each teen handles the trauma differently, some falling in love, some turning toward religion, and others getting lost in politics, resentment, drug abuse, or depression. This novel explores the various ways the human spirit tries to cope when awful things happen, and offers a critical view of some of the most difficult, complex issues of our time.


Kaycee King

I wanted to tell a story about the far too common event of school shootings in the US from an emotional, human perspective, rather than a cold, political one.  I also wanted to emphasize the importance of connection and love over the pitfalls of our cultural narratives and the individualistic nature of our society. This novel explores the intertwined relationships between the teens left behind, and the various ways they try to cope while the country cares for just a brief moment, before predictably losing interest and leaving them on their own.

Kaycee King is a passionate author with a penchant for writing complex, flawed, realistic characters that you will surely love.  Her debut novel The Fallout is an excellent example of her ability to write gritty, emotional content that will pull on your heart.  She’s currently in college obtaining a bachelor’s in English.  She resides in the rural southwest with her husband and lively son.



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