Frozen In Time

Opened in 1970 as a hotel and restaurant.
Rehabilitated in 2019 and opened as a restaurant.


Photographer Laura Tomé is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘Little Shadows’.  To see Laura’s body of work, click on any image.


Rural school
Currently abandoned


We live in a rapidly changing society, whose unstoppable will can unleash the destruction of places with many years of history. In some specific cases, the artistic expression can influence our interpretation of the abandoned.

An example would be the Berlin Wall, which has certain areas preserved intact as scraps of its shameful history as a permanent reminder and at the same time, becoming an imperishable work of art.


Opened in 1970 as a hotel and restaurant
Rehabilitated in 2019 and opened as a restaurant


Despite this, key buildings in the history of our country have not survived the demolitions. Not even those considered of cultural interest, such as the Mudejar churches of Zaragoza and Calatayud, which were not considered valuable enough to be preserved during the nineteenth century.

The crisis of recent years has fostered the abandonment of multiple buildings, including houses, factories, unfinished constructions, and even entire towns. The financial problems, the payment of the inheritance tax, structural damage due to poor quality materials or lack of maintenance … are a direct cause of many dropouts.


Shoe factory
Future affordable housing project


During this phenomenon of desertion, the wild and unstoppable nature takes over buildings that have fallen into disinterest and oblivion, creating spiritual spaces where abandonment is as palpable as the silence that dwells.


Girls’ school founded in 1901
Currently a museum and houses


The idea of this project is to invite the viewers to visit those special places, making them witness that unique moment and at the same time to create awareness of the excessive speed of our lives. It brings the opportunity to revive places frozen in time for a moment that will last immortalized forever. Some of them renewed with a second change and others disappeared without a trace.


Tuberculosis hospital built in 1910
Currently museum and cinematographic space


All images and text © Laura Tomé






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