Photographer Patrick Sagnes is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘Wooden Hut’To see Patrick’s body of work, click on any image.






Deep inside me lives a secret place. A shelter hidden in the depths of the inaccessible woods where I come to store my bric-a-brac, of scents, sounds, feelings, pieces of myself without age.

My wooden hut shelters so many links to the intimate past of which only I am able to know where they lead. In any way they make me what I am.

Here the present will be in color, still persistent memory and the black and white a distant, diffuse vibration, a last echo of whom I am the epicenter.

I don’t remember when it started. What I do remember is how I was struck by the number of huts in the forest behind my house. It seemed to me an absolute necessity to preserve these fragile vessels.

The large format camera also imposed itself, like a ceremonial, I had to spend time listening to the woods. The poet would say: “Only the trees know, wise of sap”.

The portraits are people who count for me, it could not be otherwise when an intimate part of oneself is evoked.

It seems that sounds travel in the universe, how many light years ago was our first conversation? Would photography be a prehistory of language? The representation before knowing how to speak, our drawings in the cave?

Creation is uncertain, chaotic, uncontrollable, and I no longer seek to know where it comes from and even less where it goes. What I know is that it flows through me, I distill it.

One thing is sure, I don’t expect anything. At best I try to imagine how my images could talk about universality. But as soon as they are made, they no longer belong to me. Only the gaze of others is now the repository, those who take the time as one sits in a museum to immerse themselves in a painting.

Each photograph is a message, a cabin in the woods, that I shall continue to seek.







All images and text © Patrick Sagnes



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