Written By The Hermit Poet


I love old things. There is something very romantic about listening to vinyl records. Yes, it is nice putting five CD’s in a player and having a few hours of music playing before I have to change the disks. Purchasing songs from the internet and only paying the price for each song is also very practical. However, when I’m in the mood to really become consumed by music, I reach for one of my vinyl records.

Why am I willing to take the time to listen to Vinyl? Firstly, it is an extremely nice sensation to hold a record in my hands. The album is large and has weight to it.  There has been a lot of thought and concern in the process by not only the artist and their music, but also the label and their desire to turn out a product that is a delight to hold and admire. Each album cover is a work of art that draws the music fan into examining and appreciating the effort that went into designing the cover.

Secondly, every time I wish to play music from my album collection, I walk over to the shelves or reach down on the floor and flip through the records. I go thru album after album; looking at the covers and some of the sleeves. This process can take several minutes or as long as an hour. Very relaxing!

Thirdly, it is really cool taking time to occasionally go around to yards sales and scavenging for old records that are for sale. The price is usually right and it is a fantastic method to build on my collection of albums.

Lastly, the most important reason why I still listen to records is the sound. Yes, that non digital pure radiant deep rich vinyl sound blows away that stale dull monolithic sound that comes from a download or CD. While listening to music that includes instruments such as cello and violin, the profound all-encompassing abundant music sometimes brings me to tears. My speakers also come alive and pump out rock and roll like it was a live concert. Such songs as Ball and Chain, by Janice Joplin or LA Women, by Jim Morrison and the Doors radiate from my sound system. The artist’s music, the LP, the turntable, the needle, the receiver and the speakers all work in unison to deliver a performance that is historic. I’m in my own little musically inclined bubble world. Every thought peels away like an onion from my being. This sensation is very close to my meditation. The endorphins kick in and I no longer have a care on earth. My mood goes much deeper whether I’m up or down at this time. One record will lift my spirits to their maximum peak or drop me to the lowest of lows in which I can write poetry to my heart’s content. Musical ecstasy!



This piece is part of the Rewind Series 


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