Artwork By Sasha Neschastnova


“The artist main goal is to show everyday life, something that concerns absolutely everyone in life. Provocative and shocking art that reveals different aspects of life and evokes emotions in everyone. She considers various topics, such as the relationship between men and women, love, everyday life, women in different life situations, but also, she designates the absurdity of many life moments and partly ridicules them. Sasha never talks about feminism, but she can talks about matriarchy. But she also pays tribute to men in her work. The artist consider everyday life, especially the position of women and men in their relationships, the refutation of established stereotypes, the modern world and its main aspects, as the main influence on people’s lives. Sasha rejects as much as possible any stereotypes of society in her work. It’s like a riot on a ship, we don’t talk about it, but we always think about it.

Neschastnova expresses her ideas through painting, using oil and ink. Canvas and paints are main material. She disproves all the laws of near and far objects in composition, but she always rely on color theory. Sasha does not mix colors on the palette, thereby creating a certain edge, everything in her paintings is on the same plane, creating a separate world of our superficial stereotypical outlook on life. She works with bright and contrasting colors, as with the main perception on the human psyche. The heroes of her paintings do not have faces, because these works are about each person and anyone can render himself there.”


Rejecting Society’s Stereotypes




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The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is designed to connect art seekers and collectors with artists DIRECTLY.  The gallery is not a mall, but instead a collection of remarkable works of art that bring together artists and potential buyers.

The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is owned and managed by Edge of Humanity Magazine.

Following Edge of Humanity Magazine‘s footsteps of publishing unparalleled content from artists and photographers worldwide, the NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY is on a mission to provide it’s viewers art that is unique and diverse.



Written By Joelcy Kay – Curator

Every piece of art, crafts, or textiles, hanging on my walls or ceiling tells a tiny passage of my life.  Most of it was acquired during my travels.  Many of these treasures are damaged whether because they were broken on arrival, as the pieces were tightly stuffed into my backpack, or weathered by the unforgiving Florida tropical humidity.  But in the end, they are my precious processions and they are part of the stories I tell.  It feels good to have rugs hanging from the ceiling, masks on the walls, and drinking my morning coffee thinking of the mugs’ tale.  The point here is that art has a lot to offer each one of us; ART IS VERY PERSONAL!

The NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY offers that personal experience as the individual has the opportunity to buy the art from the creator and by doing so a new event to remember is born. When you hang the work of art on your wall there is a story behind it; an artist you now know and follow.  And instead of the usual “I purchased this at “WWW(BIG BIG ART STORE).COM”  the connection enriches the emotional value of your art piece.



The gallery is designed to connect the art seekers and collectors with artists directly. We offer artists a COMMISSION FREE / CONTRACT FREE online platform to sell their creations and engage with their clients using portfolio pages that are engaging with large images and a dramatic black background.

NO MIDDLEMAN is a boutique ART GALLERY; individuals browsing our archives and portfolio pages are relaxed, not pressured to sign up, agree with website terms, or maneuvering out of pop-up windows.

For details regarding participating in the NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY please contact Joelcy Kay the curator at



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