World Philosophy Day

November 17th

“Philosophy is an inspiring discipline as well as an everyday practice that can transform societies. By enabling   to discover the diversity of the intellectual currents in the world, philosophy stimulates intercultural dialogue. By awakening minds to the exercise of thinking and the reasoned confrontation of opinions, philosophy helps to build a more tolerant, more respectful society. It thus helps to understand and respond to major contemporary challenges by creating the intellectual conditions for change.” UNESCO



Primitive societies were constructed by people with the same value system and mostly ruled by religious beliefs.

Collective thinking has been diluted by individualism in modern society. Unshackled from institutionalized ideology and state control, citizens can exercise originality in their actions and viewpoints. But if we live in one society and each one of us have a different way of looking at it; will individuality prevail as a positive turn in human history?

YES, riding along with freedom, individuality is most feared by the powerful, as each one of us can spin our notion of reality into something we believe can be better or worse. Conversely, oppressors must narrow down their options in order to take control.

Deep down one can’t refrain from thinking that most government heads wish we were back in a primitive society, where citizen’s thoughts were mainly dictated by collective faith.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence will become the government’s best way to dominate their citizens.  Nevertheless, the Genie of Freedom is also out of the bottle, once we taste freedom, we will die to keep it.

Leaders now share the historical fact that they will never have the silent control over their people enjoyed by their predecessors.


Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema

Copyright© Edge of Humanity LLC 2022



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