The Crack Chronicles – A Memoir is a raw and honest portrayal that delves into the underbelly of society and chronicles a woman’s drug fueled antics.


“It was the night of the Machine Gun Kelly concert, and we settled into the new Airbnb. I was geeked the fuck out from smoking crack all night and day and having no sleep. I looked at Cam with an anxious expression. Cam said “You don’t have to go to the concert if you don’t want to. There’s gonna be 60,000 people there and it’s gonna be a shitshow”. My anxiety soared to an all new level. “Fuck”, I said. “That’s super stupid to come all the way here and not go to the concert.” He said “I’m geeked out too and I wish I didn’t have to go.” But ultimately he was going to go. He idolized MGK. This was like his fortieth show.

So as I sat there and smoked more crack, I was relieved that I did not go to the concert. My anxiety was due to the fact that I’d be trapped in the stadium for hours and not be able to smoke any crack. Or I could just sit here comfortably smoking crack all night. I chose the latter. My Cleveland connection hit me up and asked if I needed any more. I was on the fence but of course I said “Sure, I’ll take another three hundred dollars worth. It was another annoying ride trying to find an ATM. Godalmighty….another trip through Cleveland. I found a safe ATM downtown, pulled my money out and had my plug meet me at the Airbnb. My Cleveland plug was a nice fellow, he’s my friend’s cousin. It definitely pays to know connected people.”


Excerpt From The Crack Chronicles – A Memoir

Written By Kat Jameson



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© Kat Jameson


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