Written by Ari Bouse


A New Moon will happen on May 19, 2023. New Moons are always symbolic of new beginnings. This New Moon connects to the spiritual energies of the Bull. Further movement into Spring aligns with the Bull’s spirit of fertility and co-regulation between male and female energies.

Energetically, it’s time to ready the ship for manifesting personal goals tied to personal growth. Enjoy life’s simple and physical pleasures, like savoring good food and enjoying activities that connect us with nature and with our bodies. Remember to stop and smell the roses and to become more aware of what makes us feel comfortable and secure. It’s also a good time to re-evaluate our relationship to money, possessions and to discover what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. The chi of Bull’s breathes in powerful fresh air for setting new goals to create new changes in our lives.

Abundance comes in many forms and money is no exception. It is healthy to welcome abundance in our lives and in our worlds so that we can have a more equitable, fair and just society. Money, like anything else, is energy. Energy is energy. It’s what you do with it that counts. Regardless of what currency is circulating around human transactions, most of us realize we can manifest a more equitable systemic exchange of energy of giving and receiving.

In that light, awakening a free-thinking, power to the people culture that is based on abundance, rather than a greed-identified agenda that peddles a specific ideology to people, will support win-win politics of living. Winners and losers and us and them kind of thinking that justifies oppressive policies and mentalities is segregationist because it pits people against each other by keeping us in pre-packaged boxes. At the end of the day, we all lose from that. But the chimes of freedom flashing in a New Aquarian Age of Diversity in Unity are blowing in the wind.

But if you deprive yourself of abundance due to your fears of greed (or fearing your own power in general), then you will be setting yourself up for the illusion of lack and an unfulfilling experience. The era of Energy Medicine, as the shamans called it, is awakening the inside-out transformation that we all need to make in order to change our world.

For example, eradicating our world of nuclear weapons and guns isn’t a cure, but it would be a step in the right direction toward a more peaceful, co-regulative society that doesn’t shoot first and ask questions second. It should be clear that the country with the most weapons of mass destruction, militarization of the police or proliferation of mobster gangsters with the largest stockpile of military assault rifles shouldn’t be the voice of sound mental health. The more humanity awakens to and lives in the vibrational and dimensional shift of inner peace, the less we will see weaponry and violence in our world. Abundance will abound because it will naturally reveal itself as self evident.

Furthermore, we are collectively experiencing the death of an old age and moving through the early process of transitioning into a New Age and Paradigm. Many of you are awakening to these shifts within yourselves, as well as noticing these changes in the outer world. The wars, dog eat dog, widening gap between extreme wealth and poverty, or social darwinism kind of thinking are examples of the polarity consciousness that we need to heal in order to move forward. We are all interconnected strands in the web of life, like American Chief Seattle spoke of.

In much the same way as the Yin and Yang reveals to us about balance, opposites do attract and can work together in harmony. Non-binary and gender fluidity reflect this deeper form of consciousness so that we see that male and female, and light and dark energies are working together in harmony. People doing shadow work understand that we should not demonize our blind spots. We all have blind spots. They are just parts of our unexamined selves, which we tend to avoid because we are taught to be afraid of the dark. But when we look at our souls in an authentic way, we can allow the light to illuminate the shadows. One way to do this work is to notice any charges you get from certain people you know. Reflect on what trait they have that triggers you. Perhaps it is arrogance. Notice the arrogance in you. It’s just part of our collective humanity. Given this reflection, see if your charge to this trait relaxes over time. And try to be gentle and kind to yourself about it.

Additionally, a man and a woman can be attracted to each other, speak openly about their mutual attraction and yet not cross any lines or abuse boundaries. It’s perfectly natural. We have been programmed to believe that this is a forbidden fruit and off limits. Like it or not, traditional marriages are waning and changing forms, while polyamorous relationships are on the rise. People are feeling more safe to be who they are and out in the open about it.

Paradoxically, we see that laws are being proposed to keep people in the closet and roll back people’s rights. It isn’t about an anything goes mentality or a moral compass or values being gone with the wind. It’s about defining agreements and boundaries. But proceed with caution because regardless of what rules you set up, you can’t legislate feelings and attachments that might spring up because our actions have consequences. We should be mindful about what we want to bring down from the dreamtime.

When I think about the Aquarian Age, I think about the old Native American story about Deer climbing up the mountain to connect with the Great Spirit. As Deer is making their way toward the summit, they are confronted by a boogeyman-like demon that tries to use fear to scare Deer from continuing along the mountain to be with the Great Spirit. But Deer teaches us the power of a gentle, yet firm allurement toward new adventures.

Finally, the energy of Deer shows us the power of holding a gentle gaze coupled with a firm assertion that we all have the right to connect to a Higher Power, Love and Light and walk in co-regulative alignment with the Universe. Meditation on Deer can help you steer clear from fear-driven behavior and paranoia that you can picture in the Mirror of the Mind. We all have the sovereign right to connect with our Higher Selves and co-regulate with the Creator. Remember to breathe and focus on peaceful, calming thoughts. Don’t try to push away or cancel the other ones. Just watch them like clouds and let them pass with care.


Text © Ari Bouse


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