Written by Henry Mworia


The stranger who rolls from the North

Swallowing senselessly in one foul swoop

Sweeping everyone along her path,

Do you hear her voice at night?


When she seduces the young men,

Enticing them with the words of old,

Speaking in the most sensuous native tongue,

Would you listen to her stirring voice?


The mothers in her jaws weep,

Crying for the babies in her bottomless pit,

The babies abandoned sing in unison

Suckling dry the last of the gun powder.


The men cry like the toddlers they lost

In the dark of her hair,

They shed and shout and sound sickening

At the wake of her flight.


The animals ejected in uniform ejaculation

They hear the music in passing

As they scramble up and down the valley

Their feet paint not, their destination moot.


She moves manically making many immobile,

Every house she dances in lights up,

Every eye she captures births tears or smoke,

The choice of the viewer who listens not.


Their heads spit on her dance

and heavy metal start to play

but even as shells slither along

Her dance stays uncaged for chaos to fine tune.


For men to battle over bulls

where bulls should fight for men,

For children to catch flying metals

where metals should never meet children.


They say it takes two to tango

But tango is not a dance for all

Perhaps they should teach twist

That tomorrow’s dance shall take no toes.


-This poem discusses the current streak of cattle rustling that rages in the North Rift region in Kenya that has seen the loss of hundreds, if not thousands of lives. The poem uses imagery to paint a picture of the gravity of issues pertaining the cattle rustling – the killings of innocent children, men and women, the stealing of cattle which is the livelihood upon which the citizens depend on and the oathing processes used to recruit the raiders.



Text © Henry Mworia



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