Written by Sharon Tiday


I guess my daughter wasn’t

as lucky as other children

to have a monster lurking

under her bed .

That would pop out say boo

and disappear in a blink of

a light switch .


Her monster was a bully and

although it would disturb her

at night times in the form of

Insominia .

Her monster liked the personal

touch more so found under the

bed to be uncomfortable so

took solace living inside her

body .


At first she was only little and I

guess it was just settling in .

It wasn’t making it presence too

known most of the signs I seem

to find a answer for or thought

I did .


Soon these signs started to

escalate and change from pain

all over her tiny body to headaches

and nausea and then

complete exhaustion .


One night that haunts me forever

you be right in saying it really got

settled in and was now able to

use it’s powerful might and we

were so naive to the nightmare

to come and how our world was

about to turn upside down .

As I lovingly tucked my daughter

into bed suddenly the beast

erupted in the form of violent

vomiting .

Non stop pain etched across

her face .


It was frightfully obvious she

was being destroyed from inside .

The monster was devouring my

little girl .

The days rolled  into weeks then

months of being trapped in a

endless nightmare like time had

stood still in our house.


Every morning the battle

began screams that created


As we attempted daily life .

This monster had became

unstoppable and no mercy did

It show to a desperate family

who’s world was crumbling

around their feet as they

tried to walk a unknown

journey .


When she lay their on the sofa

loosing so much weight pale ,

and frail in between trying

to eat or keep liquid down .

It didn’t feel not a twinge of guilt

when her eyes welled up with

tears not one flinch when her

twin sister begged her to get

well through desperate sobs .


In time we learn’t it will some

times give us breaks if we stick

to the strict rules .


This could turn from days into

weeks and if luck is in maybe months but when we feel a glimmer of hope .

The elation can be short lived.

It sometimes feels it has to

remind us who is boss .


Years have now gone by from

when our uninvited guest made

it self known .

If you came and knocked on our

door you won’t see any signs of

claw marks the scars have cut much deeper then that.

There won’t be any torturous

screaming at times we still weep.


After all these years we know too

well we can’t change it no matter

if we cried a river .

It doesn’t want to leave it made it

so obvious by now so we just toll

the line and sometimes we get the

chance to have a glimpse of

normality .

Which we treasure as we know

it is on borrowed time .


People don’t always understand

the brutality of our monster and

try and make it sound less fierce

by giving it belittling names .

We already know it’s name it’s

called M.E. Myalgic

Encephalomyelitis and it is the

fiercest monster you will ever

meet .


Text © Sharon Tiday



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